Love at First Sight

Fate. Kismet. Love at first sight. We locked eyes from across the room and…magic!

We’ve all heard the romantic tales of love showing up when someone least expects it, but for those trying their hands at online dating, a “wait and see approach” is less likely to result in romantic intrigue and more likely to result in a waste of time.

Unfortunately, the majority of online daters seem to be utilizing this exact, unfocused strategy. Profile pics and no info. Vague info such as “ask me anything” or “I’ll fill this out later.” A novel on what the person is NOT looking for.

As a long-time sales and marketing professional and entrepreneur, I can attest that online dating is like marketing your business, only the business is you. Sure, if you have time to waste and aren’t serious about meeting someone, you can throw any old profile up there and see if anyone bites, but if you are serious about meeting someone and want to do so with minimal effort, you have to get focused.

How does one draft a dating plan? Much like you would draft a marketing plan…see below for a totally unromantic example.

  1. Determine your goal. (one long-term customer, a short term project, multiple low effort sales)
  2. Decide on your target client(s), which is also known as determining your target market.
  3. Define your value proposition (what do you have to offer your ideal customer)
  4. What do you expect from your customer? (loyalty, fun, companion for outings) This is similar to what would be considered your pricing strategy in business.
  5. Promotion plan (How will you promote your value proposition in a way that appeals to your target market and dissuades any buyers who cannot meet your pricing? What platforms will you use?)
  6. Analysis (How is your plan performing? Are you getting dates? Are they the quality you are looking for?) You must always be ready to revise your strategy if you aren’t seeing the results you want.

Does all this seem like too much, but dating is a priority to you? If you aren’t currently seeing the results you want but don’t have the time and/or knowledge to approach online dating so strategically, Compass Date can help. Visit to book your online consultation. Until 12/31, take advantage of our 50% off promotion and pay only $25!

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